Solutions for wine merchants

The Wine Management Platform (WMP) has been developed to enable wine merchants to serve the needs of their customers in respect of stored wine and private reserves.

Businesses are also able to use the platform for managing their own inventory-related information; to feed digital content into an e-commerce platform from an SAP-grade back office.

End to end solution

  • Comprehensive cataloguing, portfolio management and tracking tools focused on fine wine
  • Inventory and cellar management across multiple locations and handling an unlimited number of accounts
  • Complete information set to educate and inform key life in wine decisions
  • Price discovery
  • Optional assured peer to peer trading
  • Settlement
  • Detailed permissions management, data protection compliant and secure.

"The best customer reserves management system available. Wine Owners demonstrated a focus on the needs of the private customer and an understanding of what we are about - to offer the best service and functionality for those customers wishing to store, buy and sell wine."

Adam Brett-Smith
Managing Director of Corney & Barrow

Case studies

Value it brings

Private client reservists increasingly value online management and the ability to ‘self direct’. A new reservist private client contributes £500 per annum to the bottom line per 100 cases of wine stored. If the average life-period of a storage client is 5-10 years, the total potential value of each new acquisition is £2,500-£5,000 per 100 cases.

A large proportion of the client database will look like low value, low potential clients but may be extremely active collectors transacting £10,000s with other merchants and brokers annually. Historically patchy account management limited to a top-slice of clients means there are easy wins to be had that a proper reactivation programme in conjunction with a world-class customer-facing platform will deliver.

Market valuations, detailed history, graphing and price comparison, in association with other ‘must-have’ content, improve the likelihood of private client trades. We estimate that, on average, those with established collections trade 3-5% of their collection per annum, and a small increase in active collection management can generate substantial additional billings.

The white label platform delivers the transparency and feeling of control that private clients increasingly value.

Private clients can be promiscuous in their purchasing from multiple sources. However, that comes at the price of poor organisation and collection tracking. Giving private clients world-class private reserves management and collection management tools, and simplifying buying and selling decisions, will drive an increase in market share.

What it includes

Fine wine management

Wine Owners solves the problem of organising and keeping track of a wine collection, in reserves and elsewhere.

Once uploaded, there’s a wealth of must-have information to help evaluate and appreciate your wines, together with pricing, trend and comparison data.

360° view of wine stockholdings

Your clients can also add their wines held in other locations to create a 360° view. These can be quickly uploaded thanks to an intelligent upload function that recognises and matches incoming wines to standardised descriptions.

Rich content

Your clients see all their stored wines, and benefit from the rich content available. This includes Market pricing & analysis spanning 250,000 wines, current market, price graphs, drinking windows, reviews, scores, profiles, thumbnails, digital asset management.


The platform includes comprehensive reporting and download options that meets the needs of your clients.

Broking capability

The white label can be configured to allow your clients to buy and sell in the secondary market. You determine the commissions you charge them for selling and buying.


Wine Owners has integrated with a large number of background business systems via API and web services, including many ERPs and EPOS.

Integration includes data feeds in private client reserves, delivery requests, valuation requests, and trading.