Solutions for Warehouses

The Wine Management Platform (WMP) has been developed to allow warehouses to provide a total client-facing solution and to provide global market access to their storage customers.

It can be configured for professional clients or private collectors or both.

End-to-end solution

  • Visualisation of stock in warehouse by clients including provenance
  • Valuations, price graphs for over 270,000 fine wines (inclusive of vintages)
  • Standardised fine wine descriptions for improved accuracy of stocks and information-rich wine content
  • Optional pre-advice for landing connected with the referential database of 22,000 wine names (net of vintages)
  • Unique, arms-length, global trading exchange access for your clients
  • Comprehensive administrative access for warehouse staff

Nest Egg at Western Carriers

“Our wine collector clients immediately fell in love with the look and feel of our new inventory system. I have seen a 50% increase of clients accessing their accounts via our new Nest Egg portal, and this has provided me with a great opportunity to connect with our clients. The Wine Owners team rose to the challenge and provided insightful guidance and expertise helped shape the programming”.

Joel Rubins
Vice President of Private Collector Services

Case study

Value it brings

Market valuations on 250,000 fine wines for insurance purposes and keeping pricing up to date on an offer list. Enables informed pricing decisions based actionable market data.

Weekly pricing updates of individual wine entries, total value of stored wine by account. Supports insurance calculation and reporting.


Rapid and accurate data-entry of wine facilitated by a database of 22,000 references (excluding vintages). Optional pre-advice logging of wine due to be landed for improved accuracy and subsequent delivery management. The warehouse can choose to add their ‘short name’ versions of each wine name.

This results in correct and standardised data entry, mitigates risks of mistakes being made in picking, which can undermine the confidence of storage client’s customers.

A range of rich content enables business clients’ to have all actionable information in one place that in sum supports their sales and marketing activities.

Private clients are better informed on reviews, drinking dates, producer profiles and are able to conduct analysis to make informed decisions.

Optionally, the platform makes it easy for your clients – private or trade – to connect with an international peer-to-peer trading exchange and to develop domestic and international markets with minimal commissions and a very high level of assurance.

With Webservices/ API integration between your warehouse system and the platform we can make it simple for your clients to offer wines for sale, with real time stock reconciliation to accurately reflect the current stock position.

What it includes

Fine wine management

All relevant information in one place that includes the data from warehousing systems, inspection photos, all supporting documentation, international market pricing and price history (Europe and USA data sets), scores and other required information.

360° view of wine stockholdings

Clients see all their stored wines, and benefit from the rich content available. This includes Market pricing & analysis spanning 250,000 wines, current market, price graphs, drinking windows, reviews, scores, profiles, thumbnails, digital asset management.

They can also add their wines held in other locations to create a 360° view. These can be quickly uploaded thanks to an intelligent upload function that recognizes and matches incoming wines to standardised descriptions.


The platform includes comprehensive reporting that meets the needs of professionals, private clients and warehouse needs.


Wine valuation

Market pricing & analysis spanning 250,000 wines and must-have information: Current market, price graphs, drinking windows, reviews, scores, profiles, thumbnails, digital asset management.

Weekly stock valuations for stockholders, and insurance premium calculations.

Web services integration

Wine Owners has integrated with a large number of background business systems via API and web services, ranging from legacy warehousing systems, ERP, customer systems and EPOS.

Integration has encompassed customer and wine storage information into the platform, wine data entry, pre-advance landing, delivery requests and trading.