Clubs and On-trade

The Wine Management Platform (WMP) has been developed to allow private and membership clubs (and fine wine-centric licensed on-trade businesses) to create and manage a sophisticated fine wine offering.

End-to-end solution

  • Fine wine cellar management and stocktaking
  • epos/stock management integration and reconciliation
  • Storage of member or client wines
  • Integrated information-rich wine content for wine menus
  • Multi-channel wine list marketing – print, tablet, mobile, website
  • Unique procurement channel accessing £150,000,000 of collectors’ fine wine

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"When we set about building a data rich wine list and cellar management solution, the key was selecting a provider with the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure that we could deliver a turn-key, premium deliverable. That solution: Wine Owners."

Grant Ashton

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Value it brings

Rapid, accurate data-entry of wine details. Optional pre-advice logging of wine due to be landed for improved delivery management. Complete management overview of wines purchased and stored in outlets, locations, warehouses and elsewhere with a full suite of controls. Quickly identify the location of wine within cellars. No need to rekey into EPOS. Sales and wastage data fed back in real-time. Sommeliers and front of house staff know the exact stock position and available pours throughout the system.

The platform is specifically designed to allow a business to store wine on behalf of an unlimited number of accounts, and provide member access to their stored wines with options to order for service in advance of a booking or in situ.

Demystify the entire wine list with comprehensive information on wines, reviews, scores, styles and producer information, made accessible through the Wine Menu Marketing App – reinforcing Sommelier recommendations and giving customers the confidence to make informed decisions. Print stunning hard copy wine menus at will, guaranteeing your menu is up-to-date.  

Promote your fine wine list online easily integrated into your website, with a wealth of wine information, reinforced on premise with the fine wine App and wine menus, always promoting stocked wines. Customers who spend more on wine are more profitable and recommend their friends and colleagues.

Market valuations on 250,000 fine wines for insurance purposes and keeping pricing up to date on the wine list. Make informed pricing decisions based on current market as well as your purchase cost information. Take advantage of a peer-to-peer procurement channel for mature, ready to drink wines at best market prices, with good provenance.

What it includes

Cellar Management

Wine Owners serves the needs of the On-trade by offering a complete solution – including cellar inventory management on-premise, across groups and in multiple warehouses, and a pre-loaded, fine wine database with lookup wizard for rapid data entry of stock, and a bulk upload function.

  • Improve service with real-time stock position and available pours.
  • Barcoding option with high quality adhesive stock that peels off without trace.
  • Real-time Integration with EPOS and stock management.
  • No need to rekey into EPOS. Sales and wastage data fed back in real-time.

360° view of wine stockholdings

  • Complete picture of wine purchased and stored in outlets, locations, warehouses, and lying overseas.
  • Identify location of wine within cellars by area, bin, rack, or mixed case with reference.
  • Comprehensive administrative reporting suite.

Fine wine list marketing

  • Wine menu marketing App works across all platforms including mobile, tablet, desktop and as a website plugin.
  • Produce stunning hard copy wine menus at will, guaranteeing your menu is up-to-date each time you print.
  • By default the wine list sequence is sorted according to the principles of the world’s largest on-trade cellars.

The platform comes preloaded with essential wine information and rich content, from the Wine Owners’ referential database for you to select from, providing a compelling customer experience without the cost and ongoing overhead of originating and maintaining it yourself.

Valuing wine

Market pricing & analysis spanning 250,000 wines and must-have information: Current market, price graphs, drinking windows, reviews, scores, profiles, thumbnails, digital asset management. Weekly stock valuations for stockholders, insurance premium calculation and due diligence activities

Fine wine procurement

Buy at best market prices with valuation tools and comprehensive market data to inform purchasing decisions. Purchasing history, export capability in multiple formats and automatic cellar logging.

Peer-to-peer exchange

Provide members with access to the world’s most assured wine fine exchange, used by thousands of wine collectors and enthusiasts to reshape their collections , and buy and sell between each other.