Solutions for family offices and wealth concierge

A personal wealth management platform and peer to peer trading exchange for the things that wealthy people love – designed for the management and trading of non-fungible passion assets.

Today we’re focused on wine as the most widely held collectible in the world among high net worth individuals.

The world's most widely held passion asset

The majority of collections are built on a foundation of passion or interest. A collection becomes a store of value, and part of a high net worth’s diversified wealth.

The fringe of activity around an individual’s total net wealth – once considered marginal – is becoming much more significant.

Wine Owners serves the needs of this demanding group by offering a complete solution – cataloguing, tracking, analysis, and market pricing – all of which is integrated with an assured peer to peer exchange for those who wish to participate.

It’s the most complete solution in the world for wine collectors, available as a white label that can be branded and reconfigured as you require it to be.

Ultra Capital

"Alternative/ passion assets are becoming a significant part of HNW individual portfolios; Wine Owners provides a mechanism to allow you to offer a service to these clients that is a great conversation starter.”

Andy Klein
Managing Director

Wealth management value proposition

Improve client retention through delivering a solution that permits private clients to manage and gain more enjoyment out of their passion assets

Referral acquisition tool since collectors are socially networked and commonly make recommendations to one another.

The principle that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is especially true of passion-led collectibles.

A more complete view of stored wealth helps with asset allocation decisions, in a world where a higher percentage of invested net assets is being put into passion assets.

Entrepreneurs and highly leveraged individuals have short-term borrowing requirements. Fine wine collections can be collateralised for those collectors who are emotionally connected to their wines but have a need to use the stored value in the short to medium term.

Fine wine management

Wine Owners solves the problem of organising and keeping track of a wine collection even when stored across different locations, encompassing barcoding and tracking.

Once organised as a portfolio, there’s a wealth of must-have information to help evaluate and appreciate your wines, together with pricing, trend and comparison data.

360° view of wine stockholdings

Your clients can also add their wines held in other locations to create a 360° view. These can be quickly uploaded thanks to an intelligent upload function that recognises and matches incoming wines to standardised descriptions.

Rich content

Your clients see all their stored wines, and benefit from the rich content available. This includes Market pricing & analysis spanning 250,000 wines, current market, price graphs, drinking windows, reviews, scores, profiles, thumbnails, digital asset management.


The platform includes comprehensive reporting that meets the needs of your clients


There is a complete suite of options that enables reporting for different purposes, as beautifully formatted PDFs or in a myriad of Excel downloads.

Peer to peer collectors' exchange

The white label can be configured to allow your clients to buy and sell in the secondary market. You determine the commissions you charge them for selling and buying.

Web services Integration

Wine Owners integrates with background business financial systems and platforms via API and web services.